Alan Watt - To Be An Individual


First published at 00:29 UTC on April 17th, 2018.

Excerpt "Mass Movements versus the Residual Individual - Accepting the Uniqueness of Self" June 29, 2007 blurb - "I keep telling people not to put their faith in the lone hero who's going to come out of Hollywood and save everyone. Each person is their own champion, and your first battle is with yourself. To be an individual will take some sacrifice. To be an individual will not win friends from the bulk of the populace. To be an individual, you might be very lonely. Can you stand loneliness? What's the other side of it? See, a person who should be an individual and knows it themselves will often marry and do all the things and live miserably ever after, to try and conform and to have those things he wants or she wants to have. And yes, he will be accepted and yes, there'll be a face put on in public, but inside they're depressed. That's why true individuality is not for everyone. That's why there's always been the mass. Studies down through the ages have shown that the masses enjoy being the masses. Witch-hunts don't have to be done by churches, because the mass can turn on anyone they don't like. It's happened down through history, it's still happening today. The mass wants to be one, the same as the elite want them to be one. The purpose of life is not to lose yourself, it's to find yourself regardless of public opinion, because life must be meaningful to you. Same techniques, same con, same ancient religion at the top. And for those who can catch onto it, do your homework, study and don't be afraid to be different. From Hamish the dog and myself, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you." Alan Watt Website

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