A Young Boy with HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Deficiency needs Treatment

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  • Sep 12, 2017
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Axel and Kyan Crossley-Coe are identical twins, but they do not look very similar. Axel suffers from growth hormone deficiency, while Kyan is almost perfectly healthy. Axel is shorter than his brother. He has suffered from hearing issues. He became so underweight that he had to use a feeding tube. Even before the twins were born, there were serious problems. Their mother Kayla was advised to abort Axel so that Kyan could thrive. Kayla choose life for both of them, and continues to fight for Axel's future in the form of Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone injections. Because Axel was technically just above the height threshold to qualify for a subsidy, Kayla was forced to find other fundraising methods. She started an online campaign which raised a large sum to be used for Axel's treatments.

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