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Climate State

First published at 14:51 UTC on February 4th, 2017.

Climate Change Documentary Film.
This feature length documentary film examines the wider philosophical, political, and scientific issues surrounding climate change and the environmental crisis. Interviews with top scientists, professors, and public intellectuals are woven together to form an unflinchingly dry-eyed discussion of Fermi's Paradox, Rare Earth Theory, climate change, capitalism, and collapse. Interviewees are Don Brownlee, Roger Carasso, Robin Hanson, Mark Jacobson, Derrick Jensen, David Klein, Bill McKibben, Guy McPherson, Bill Patzert, Gary Snyder, Jill Stein, Peter Ward, and Josh Willis. Introductions occur at the end of the film.

This documentary is being used in college level classrooms as an introduction to broader climate change issues. Unlike similar documentaries, The Cross of the Moment avoids simplistic answers and the false optimism of a Hollywood ending. Instead, the film focuses on the deep political and cultural roadblocks to structural changes, particularly the relationship between capitalism and climate change.

The movie is difficult, demanding, and often depressing and perhaps best climbed alone, in a dark room, with your favorite libation. But feel free to share it with others, including public showings and fundraisers for environmental non-profits.

Originally released in 2016, more info can be found at

The film takes its title from a stanza of W. H. Auden’s poem "The Age of Anxiety," published in 1947.

We would rather be ruined than changed;
We would rather die in our dread
Than climb the cross of the moment
And let our illusions die.

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SensitivityNormal - Content that is suitable for ages 13+