Narratives, recognize them and adapt against them to save your kids


First published at 02:22 UTC on March 18th, 2018.

The narratives of political correctness is something that has been infiltrating our societies but one of the things that makes it very visable is the idea that we as a people are healthy at every size. IF you are willing to believe something so evidentily wrong, you are willing to believe everything. And this is what they want you to do, to believe their narratives. Look at when it comes to healthy at every size, letes see if you can get past the lets face the facts points without cringing.

This is a nice read about the healthy at every size narrative too

And here you will find a few pieces on the transgender and transphobia narrative.

Anyway, I hope you did enjoy the video, criticism as always is more then welcome and I look forward to hear from you, where you do and do not agree and where you think I am right or wrong, or even where you feel I might have overlooked something. Things aren't true because I say it, I did some research, so can you, check what I say. Don't blindly believe me.

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