Free Game & Movie Character - Green Lantern , Iclone 7


First published at 01:22 UTC on January 26th, 2018.

Does not Have Facial animation yet, Will repost when I figure out how to do it. Because yes I am a noob, Still MANY things to learn.
Contact : [email protected]

New System: For Now on.Passwords will ALWAYS be 3DAL and encryption keys will be posted below. Just copy the encryption key before you click the link and then paste it in the blank field, very easy. I just tested it so it 100% works.

Decryption Key:

Disclaimer: 1. DO NOT message me asking for Iclone or where to get it!!! You can get a FREE version From to see if it's worth investing in for you.
2. DO NOT ask me where to get free versions of anything else on Reallusion's website or content store. That Includes anything being sold by Reallusion itself or third party sellers like Warlord etc, you will not find links to any of their stuff.
3. Everything I make available on this channel was either made by me personally, or acquired from the many free sites online which have free stuff available for download. I am merely converting them to Iclone and making them available for free.
4. I make no monetary gain from anything of this assets, nothing is for sale or being charged for. If someone wants to make a bitcoin or paypal donation as a token of appreciation that is exactly what it is, and it is greatly appreciated.
5. I try to credit every author of the exact models in description, if i dont for some reason just search for it on sketchfab, and the main free sites.

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