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First published at 02:20 UTC on February 8th, 2018.

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Vaccine Dangers

Vaccine Dangers and Homeschooling Benefits
Vaccine dangers have been rising in recent years. More and more parents are now wary of having their child vaccinated. My guest today, April Boden is a mother of a vaccine-injured child and has another child who developed autism because of vaccines. In this episode, she narrates her journey as well as the benefits of homeschooling her children.

The Truth About Vaccines
Before we dive into the episode, let me invite all you listeners to sign up for Ty Bollinger’s, The Truth About Vaccines documentary series. Running from January 25 to 31, you’ll have free access to the videos. You may sign up for the series at

The revelations may be alarming. But the whole point of the documentary series is to provide valuable information on how you can take control of your health. If you happen to listen to this episode beyond the showing dates, you can still sign up and be informed once they rerelease the videos for free.

I thought it was an excellent opportunity to mention Ty Bollinger because my guest today, April Boden, was incidentally featured in his documentary series last September 2016. So check out the series!

First Baby
April Boden turned into an anti-vaccine advocate due to her personal experience. Starting with her oldest son who was sickly when he was younger, April Boden first shared her apprehensions over vaccines to her doctor.

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