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First published at 14:12 UTC on June 13th, 2018.

I have finally be released from the lords prison and set free. I ran all night to get back to my home. It was too late. The goblins had destroyed it. The only thing to do is head for their border and fight them out of our land. The king had done nothing for the kingdom other then let it fall into rune, But here I will stand and fight.

"Enter a world of Orcs, Goblins, and yes, Dragons... Ride a horse through the beautiful countryside, or delve deep into the haunted forest... travel north to the great Orc Lands, or visit the eerie crystal biome.

Book I: Blight.

For a thousand years, humans have believed the myths and legend of old to be just that... legend. Until now. A blight is spreading. Goblin and Orc raiders are traveling to your lands, killing, stealing, and ... bringing something else.

The land itself is falling prey to the mystical evil that follows these foul creatures. Structures cannot be built, trees die, and the land infertile. You were in jail for a small "misunderstanding" between you and the owner of the sheep you ate, but now you're free and you need to defend your homeland against these invaders."
7 Days to Die ALPHA 16 | The Survival Horde Crafting Game

ALPHA 16 is a large content drop with new buildings. It has new Radiated zombies, feral zombies and many old faces have new skins. There is also Electro-fricken-tricity (Electricity) with lights, generators, traps, sensors and timers. Painting so you can make blocks look like you want them to look if you have the right knowledge. New animals.
Wolves and Dire wolves and scary and the vulture (Buzzard) swoops down and tries to rip you apart.
There are also sleepers, the most engrossing part of the game now, they create a new sense of immersion that is really cool.

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