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First published at 14:20 UTC on July 4th, 2017.

There is a new social platform UNU.ai powered by UnanimousAI technology that amplifies human intelligence, empowering groups to harness their collective knowledge, wisdom, and intuition by forming real-time A.I. systems.

UnanimousAI's technology enhances artificial intelligence, keeping human morals, ethics, and values included in the matrix of the collective hive mind of technologies' future. This social experiment, is changing the landscape of AI, by creating together, making decisions together, enhancing and incorporating human values and wisdom, ensuring a future, which benefits all, for good!

UnanimousAI features on National Geographic and its Year Million mini-series. Year Million asks futurists and scholars to ponder life far into the future.

UnifyEvolution.info http://www.unifyevolution.info/forum/technologyscience/unanimousai
CEO Louis Rosenberg, PhD UnanimousAI http://unanimous.ai/
Social Platform UNU.ai http://unu.ai/ (where you can enjoy practicing swarms)
Singularity Weblog (full interview): https://www.singularityweblog.com/unanimous-ai-louis-rosenberg-on-human-swarming/

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