Mental Illness is THE Big Tent Scapegoat for Civil Rights/Power Grabs FAR Beyond Gun Control

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First published at 02:06 UTC on February 28th, 2018.

HALF the population will have a mental health issue diagnosis at some point in their lifetimes! This is NOT a partisan issue. It is one of basic civil rights. LISTEN to what is being pushed, it goes FAR outside the current media discussion. They do this with every tragedy, use events to argue why we need to give up our rights for security they never provide!!!! LINKS:
John Kelly states rescinding of rights, mass surveillance, preemptive wars hasn't made us more secure.
"In his own words: The threat to our nation and our American way of life has not diminished. In fact, the threat has metastasized and decentralized, and the risk is as threatening today as it was that September morning almost 16 years ago...This is all bad news, but it gets much worse"
FBI keeping medical records database of mentally ill:
Robert Mueller leading detention of Muslims post 9/11 & article about implications on that abuse:
Corbert Report & Media Monarchy Video:
Mental Illness is the BIG TENT for Civl Rights Power Grabs:
Mentally Ill do NOT have a higher rate of violence than general population. It is STUNNING that they can target a group for detainment and rights denial based on disinformation and some on the left/right UNITE on that premise:
While I do not agree with their arguments on guns based on my own finding around the shooting evetns, the citation of the studies and information on mental health is important:

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