Election Fraud & Corruption Isn't Partisan Issue, It's a DEEP State One. Debunking Greg Palast


First published at 11:53 UTC on October 26th, 2017.

Jimmy Dore was the most recent popular 'alternative' commentator allowing Palast to paint Clinton as the victim instead of the perpetrator of the crime (and her OPERATIVES). HERES THE LINKS -
Please see the links below to review information yourself, CLICK SHOW MORE:
As Palast continues to push Clinton as a victim of election fraud in general by constantly pushing Cross Check and ignoring every other aspect of story, he is leading people in the WRONG direction on the real story and standing in the way of people seeing what is happening NOW.
Republican Donors & Real Power Players Backed Clinton, NOT TRUMP:
Not rare, Republicans from the front puppets to deep state lined up:
She was outraising ALL the Republican candidates by Republican donors:
Washinton Post put out a preemptive narrative about Russia CHEATING for HILLARY two months before election, it was line they were going to use if they got CAUGHT in cheat. Russia cheated FOR her and then framed her. Pay ATTENTION:
For extensive list of links subject matter referenced in this video, please go to the video descriptions of these videos to reference.
One hour summary of how election cheated for Clinton in Primary/General:
On CIA Woolsey/Jake Braun DHS:
Sane Progressive video reporting and warning about mass voter registration roll purging in REAL TIME:

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