Comic Books with Stream of Consciousness Narrative Mode, Reviews & Recommendations, and Math [ASMR]


First published at 15:19 UTC on June 13th, 2018.

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- Introduction (start to 1:54)

- Definition of Stream of Consciousness Style Storytelling (1:55)

- Stream of Consciousness Comic Book Recommendations (4:22)

- Googolplex (23:30)

- Additional Comic Book Reads and Recommendations (25:25)

- Math Question: Solving 2x-1 = 3 (40:30)

- Some Thoughts Regarding Education and a Story (48:15)


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Reading Comics: The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius #1, Judd Winick, 1999, Image

From the Pages of Barry Ween: What We Would All Like to Do and Say to the Minions of the Surveillance State

Reading Comics: "The Fixer" by Joe Sacco, Juka Prazina, Soba, Sarajevo, Yugoslavia

Reading Comics: "The Fixer and Other Stories" by Joe Sacco, Drawn and Quarterly, 2009

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