David Wilcock in PANIC MODE! QAnon, Alex Jones, Jimmy Church, Exposed and OWNED


First published at 21:47 UTC on May 16th, 2018.

David Wilcock in PANIC MODE over #QAnon, Alex Jones, Jimmy Church, Exposed and OWNED.

David Wilcock went into panic mode over QAnon and Alex Jones during his latest Fade To Black Interview with Jimmy Church on 4/14/18. Wilcock only briefly talked about Corey Goode, the insider's insider. Wilcock gets owned by my critical evaluation, and Wilcock is exposed. He tells us that he is full of himself, and has money. Wilcock is owned after I critically evaluate his patterns of behavior in which he appears to stay out of public sight for a long period of time, then only to reappear, try to link multiple stories together (all of which revolve around HIM), then attempts to "change the narrative". Needless to say, I gave Wilcock a piece of my mind. I'm proud that he's so full of himself and makes money, because it makes my role as a critical thinker much much easier. I believe he gets his intel from carrier pigeon. Drop the crap Wilcock! David Wilcock Exposed and OWNED!

Original Interview of Wilcock on Church's Fade to Black Radio Show from 5/14/2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viikdOJMs

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