All Nice And Legal - protest song!


First published at 18:24 UTC on February 22nd, 2017.

From my 2006 album Radio Caroline, available at

All Nice and Legal
from Radio Caroline by Moe Shinola


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Let's all salute,
we're gonna bring on the law,
we're gonna lick up the law,
we're gonna choke on the law,

Because, you know,
we're want security now,
we're gonna show those bums how,
we wanna see their ass bow,

So, go ahead and kill me neighbor,
put those dissidents to some forced labor,
just hang 'em all,
and let God sort out
who's innocent, who evil,
long as it's dona all nice and legal

Hey, stop right there
I wanna see your hall pass,
and stick a chip in your ass,
and break your knees if you sass,

And don't go on about your privacy rights,
I got your mouth in my sights
and my police doggie bites,

So, go ahead and kill my neighbor,
just be sure to miss me
when you seing that sabre,
I'll name some names
and make those bloodhounds more agreeable
long as it's done all nice and legal

Now, don't remind me
how we once had backbone,
I gotta get my cellphone
and we're all in this alone,

You know, us winners
all are kissin' that ring,
we don't respect a damn thing
if it don't whisper "ka-CHING"

So don't start in about my neighbor,
how d'ya think my friends & me
hit paydirt?
We turned him in and got
his land, his house and wheels,
everything done all nice and legal,
'cuz the man, he said all's fair
if it's nice and legal

SensitivityNormal - Content that is suitable for ages 13+