Jewish Marranos Who were Fake Christians brought Black Slaves To America [54:18]


First published at 02:10 UTC on June 11th, 2018.

This is a Black Protestant perspective on the jewish slave trade in America.

This documentary comes from the book "Who Brought The Slaves To America" is short and to the point. American textbooks in our schools have falsely proclaimed that Christians were responsible for the enslavement of both the native American Indians and the African Black peoples in the name of Jesus Christ.

The book "The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews" revealed that Jews and NOT true Christians, were responsible for the enslavement of Blacks and American Indians. This documentary leaves no doubt of the Jewish involvement and control over the Atlantic Slave trade. The reason that Christianity has been falsely blamed for the enslavement of Blacks and native Americans is based on the fact that Jewish Marranos proclaimed to be Christians outwardly and even used non-Jewish surnames to disguise their Jewish identities, when in reality, it was the Jews who caused all of the horror.

Christopher Columbus, contrary to popular belief, was not a Catholic, but was instead a Nights Templar, which is an occult organization that initiates it's members through sodomy and who worship satan in the form of the goat of Mendes.

Jews were always in favor of the Slave Trade, after all they controlled it. Freemasonry, which is Jewish, was a big part of the Slave trade. In fact, Albert Pike who was a 33rd degree Freemason and highly respected within Freemasonry, stirred excitement and verbal confrontations that help to start the civil war.

The South, also known as the confederacy/loyalists, was dominated by Jews, who vehemently supported the Slavery of the Blacks. The Jews rejected the North, which was led by the Colonists, where slavery was outlawed. The Colonists planned to separate from the British crown in favor of their independence.

The majority of the Colonists were Protestant and Catholic Christians, who were also known as the abolitionists of both Europe and America. Christians fought very aggressively for the freedom of black slaves as documented by Jewish historians. The reason that the Jews rejected the deal from the North was that Jews were always loyal to the British and knew that under Colonist rule, slavery would have been outlawed in the South, which was majority Jewish. The Jews were not known for their military involvement, yet many fought in the civil war for the right to own slaves and not pay taxes.

Wicked lying men have purposely reversed and hidden the true history to attack the credibility of Christianity with lies, and to protect Jewish involvement in the black and Indian slave trade.

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