Happy Dirty Dogs Digging - Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Lovec and Labrador/Belgian Shepherd Ludde


First published at 17:56 UTC on March 15th, 2018.

The two largest goofballs are back! Czechoslovakian Wolfdog / Vlcak Lovec getting himself covered in dirt and mud while digging and playing with his younger 7 months old pup friend Labrador/Belgian Shepherd mix Ludde. Lots of digging, wrestling, love nipping, dirty dogs, and fun!

Filmed during May of 2015 at the Dog Park at Positivparken in Västra Frölunda, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog Lovec "Quaggy II" Od Úhoště was born on January 28, 2014 and was 1 year and 3.5 months old in this video.

Note: When playing, dogs inhibit their bites and sometimes voluntarily give their play partner a competitive advantage by, for example, rolling on their backs or letting themselves be caught during a chase — behaviors that would never happen during real fighting. Lovec does this a lot since he's self-assured and mentally strong – he’s not interested in showing off or to play in a dominant manner.
In addition to inhibited bites, open mouth play, and self-handicapping — dogs clearly demarcate play by employing signals, such as play bows (putting the head and chest to the ground while keeping the rear half up) and exaggerated, bouncy movements.
These exaggerated pattern, suggests that playing dogs recognize moments when their behavior can be misinterpreted as aggression or fighting and compensate by reminding their play partner that, “I’m friendly, I'm playing.”

"Play fighting" is the primary method used to form new relationships and develop lasting friendships between dogs. Although play is mostly for fun, it also offers serious opportunities to communicate with another dog. In this sense, play is a kind of language.
Research suggests that dogs and wolves play to help form social bonds, enhance cognitive development, exercise and/or practice coping skills for life’s unexpected situations. All of these benefits are important to our dogs.

"Fredag för Dig", by Swedish synthpop band Page from the album "Hallå! (Var tog månbasen vägen)" [1994]

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