Matthew North: What Is Cambridge Analytica? PsyOps Of The Trump Movement 13:16


First published at 21:57 UTC on May 14th, 2018.

Mathew North on jewtube:

This is why I personally set my browser history to clear every time I close my browser. Sites like jewtube apparently still use cookies to track what you have been viewing. As they collect more information during one's browsing session, they are able to target you with garbage that they know you may be interested in, thus leading your thought process as you browse the web.

Eventually, they will likely keep a centralized record for each internet user. They will then identify you by your browsing footprint and computer setup and then serve you "suggestions" and tailored information as soon as they figure out who you are. Thus to get "clean" information, we will have to change our IP address with a vpn, restart our browser and view one page at a time. Hopefully we will develop counter-measures by the time they implement such a system. I know people are working on it.

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