BREGH: Drone Outside My House!


First published at 04:18 UTC on April 20th, 2018.

There have been several drones outside my house for weeks. When I look at them: they move. You have to watch this in a completely dark room and focus on the very center of the video. I am not moving the camera at all. I realize the footage is hard to see; and i will be buying a better --telescopic-- camera; but I wanted to get some preliminary footage.

There are several helicopters in the footage; but those are not what I'm talking about. I am talking about the extremely faint dot in the center of my focus.

Due to the compression: I may have to upload to will do that tomorrow, during the day, as raw .mp4

Definitely a ufo: but it's a spy drone, not likely extraterrestrial, unlike a ufo I saw decade ago, which was very close, and moved with no sound (see one of my album covers on meet me on mars).

Anywhoo... gotta work in the AM so y'all have a good night.

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