I am melting! I am meltiiiing!! Ding-dong, ding-dong! The Evil Polar Ice Cap is dead! (Part 1)


First published at 16:06 UTC on May 12th, 2018.

Cassandra, definitely the most plastic denouncer of pseudo-scientific righteouness, comes back to shock those who find the solace of moral superiority in embracing the half-backed ideas of people in academia with vested interests in pretending there are problems which aren't and that they should be given money they shouldn't.

Today it is time to explain why the melting of the polar cap is excellent news.

In today's broadcast, she examines the verbal pirouetting by researchers who have found out that plankton (in particular the vegetal variety, phytoplankton) is beginning to mass beneath the ice cap because it has thinned so much as to allow photosynthesis. Of course, because it has been caused by global warming, it has to be bad, isn't it?

In the upcoming part 2 of this video Cassandra will go on to show more twisted verbal pirouetting by other researchers trying to explain how the melting of the ice cap is going to be bad for artic shipping, and failing. She then will wrap up paraphrsing Inigo Montoya's immortal quote: "You keep spending money on climate change. I don't think you are spending it the way you should spend it". Stay tuned!

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Pictures from PublicDomainPictures.net and Twenty20.com, except for Polar Ice Cap 1984-2012 (video cover and inside), from NASA.

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