Bananafund News 28


First published at 16:50 UTC on September 4th, 2017.
This Year!Back to the news indexHere's what's happening;
One of two things will happen over the course of this year:
1) Everyone list their tokens for sale on the marketplace, at whatever rate you like, and either I will use my personal funds to buy back all tokens as best I am able. Or speculators will buy them up to resell higher. The higher price you sell them for, the longer it'll take for me to buy them back. And the obvious limit here is the extent of my personal funds - so don't get too greedy... Then you'll be able cashout your earnings/balance as of when. Cashout times may vary a lot. It may take weeks, a month or more.  But they'll happen.
2) I'll get around to finishing off my plan for this business, and we'll finish building the platform as per the original plan... Right now, development is paused. If that changes I will let you know immediately... The only thing lacking is motivation.
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