Global Banking: What is 'SDR' Special Drawing Rights?

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First published at 02:07 UTC on May 1st, 2017.

The current global banking is based on a US 'oil' dollar (not gold). Banking has been monopolized by the West banking Elite: Network:

In October 2016, the Eastern banking was recognized by the Western banking system and new 'SDR' Special Drawing Rights (see video) basket.

The SDR percentage of each nation, it's 'drawing' power, will be based on it's 'assets.'

What is currently going on in the world, the reason for threat of war as a ruse, demonizing sovereign Muslim Nations and the West funding of radicalizing terrorists (depicted as Muslim), is all part of a positioning ploy, for continued global domination. The sovereign Nations targeted in war are because they have not and do not play in the Western banking system, and most likely will not participate in the SDR because the form of banking currently used in the world is considered 'usury' and violates the Muslim core belief of 'sharing' and 'not profiting off of the needs of a neighbor/brother/sister.' This is more than oil domination, because we have sustainable energy alternatives/solutions, that do NOT harvest the earth.

Many know the story of Jesus running the money changers from the temple... today this remains the root of war. Our planet is a living organism which provides all life to everyone and everything on earth. She has a right to life, and she doesn't need humans to live... humanity needs her. The ravenous harvesting of her non-renewable resources, the assets nations claim as 'theirs' and not hers, is depleting and destroying her viability in maintaining and sustaining life as we know it (and cherish). Her whole ecosystem is a temple, she grants humanity the right to live and thrive in her temple.

We are in 'Year Zero' and we get to choose! #BeTheChange

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