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First published at 04:27 UTC on February 11th, 2018.

Here is the request for healing link that I received: https://youtu.be/Id0MxizyGzw

Zen reference: https://youtu.be/USEGF0ZUYnQ

This healing takes about 5 min., when you have some free down time. Focus on the recipient/patient name when you envision your energy helping them to balance and heal... Just visualize it.

The person being healed should say out loud that they drop karma and accept this healing session. They must believe they can be healed and that it will stay with them. Multiple sessions are not needed.

This is my healing process. Do what works for you. There are many right ways.

- Choose a quiet setting
- Sit or recline
- Release all concerns - clear your mind
- Breath deep in nose out mouth for one min
- Focus attention on your heart
- Feel it opening (glowing)
- Visualize your feet growing roots deep into the earth/Gaia
- Visualize healing energy (rainbow light) from Gaia rising up into your roots, legs, body and filling your open heart.
- Visualize Source/God healing energy (rainbow light) filling your heart, too
- Feel your heart fill up and then move all that rainbow light into your mind's eye
- Visualize connecting all of our healer minds together in a circle of rainbow light, running from one mind to the next, like a rainbow laser
- Visualize all of us releasing this energy into the person in the centre of this healing circle to help them balance and heal
- It's a quantum "now" moment, outside of time and space. We are all there in the now, regardless of the day or time we do it
- Envision the receiver's energy balancing and aligning into perfect health (vibrant)
- Now see them celebrating that they are completely healed and vibrant


Releax, breath, center in the now (no stress/worries). Now visualize the person to be healed, inside your heart. Fill your heart with love for them, until you see them glowing with perfect health and begin to celebrate their healing miracle.

OR... any healing style you pre..

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