Russian News Finds boy in White Helmet Video from Douma Staged Attack (Eng Subs)


First published at 20:08 UTC on April 22nd, 2018.

✗ Credits Vesti News — what a Week after the Syria Hoax - and it’s the Face of Hassan Diab I will remember most..
Syria Strikes on Friday the 13th as I actually predict very accurate on Twitter:

Anyway, the Corrupt Western Media went Full War Hawk Neocon and protect this hoax as it now has been proven to be, with 2 exceptenions I can remember straight up, Tucker Carlson on Fox News and Pearson Sharp for OAN as you can on this YouTube link below:

I did compare how ”American” (Zionist CNN) and Russian News covering the Aftermath of the SyriaHoax in Douma here:
(Please not it’s not in anyway meant to mock american people or anything, you Americans have lower trust for the CNN then we have here in Scandinavia, atleast among the Swedes, even the self proclaimed analysts of Defence Politics (insane and embarrassing)

If the American way to "investigate" is funny, the reality is NOT, another child abused by White Helmets that trick a hungry child to Douma Hospital in promise for cookies and food..
And Hassan Diab - just a hungry Child, don’t understand what the fuzz is all about..

I have NEVER seen this type of abuse from others then the NATO/USA/ISRAEL side of the War in Syria. For take one example upload on this channel, when the first children was saved from Eastern Ghouta by the Syrian Army, this was the only I ever saw from them not abused in War Propaganda by Assad, The Russians or anything like we constantly se in Western Media specially regarding children!
That pisses me of to be honest🤬

Patrick Henningsen in 21WIRE have a very good article about Hassan Diab ‪‬

Evgeny Poddubny, the military correspondent in Syria, was able to find the people responsible for fabricating footage of the alleged chemical attack in Douma. The militants enticed hungry children with food and then used them for the provocative footage that they then distributed with the help of the White Helmets.

On RT (english)

No War With Syria ✌🏼🇸🇾
Copenhagen April 22, 2018
All Credits to Vesti News (and all other who had honest cover)

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