Richard Sauder - Kundalini Tales - OBE's, ET Contact, Mind Control


First published at 21:27 UTC on March 20th, 2018.

Too conspiratorial for Whitley Strieber and Dreamland! Hear some of what Richard Sauder reveals in his book, "Kundalini Tales," where he relates many of his unusual experiences to include Out of Body Experiences, kundalini awakening, ET contact and mind control. Richard reveals how he received instruction via what he believes to be voice to skull technology which guided him in his research into underground bases. He also relates some of his experiences in jail with a mind controlled serial killer. Finally, Richard describes his conscious contact with 2 small beings which appeared in his room one night after an 18 day water fast.

Richard Sauder, Ph.D., is best known for his research into underground and underwater bases. He also has a great interest in UFO's, secret government and the worldwide political scene. He lives in political exile in Ecuador. He posts his observations on his blog at:

Too 'Conspiratorial' For Strieber! Shunned by Dreamland

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