EP 2 - Camp Wakitaki


First published at 14:36 UTC on September 14th, 2017.

Obzeen proudly presents Camp Wakitaki.

Previously we met Shitler, Muhammad, Stalin and the rest for Shitler's birthday. Shitler tried to sell us his amazing concentrated juice. Saw some kick ass music videos, and basically had a wonderful time with some psychedelic sour kraut.

This time we meet Jesus, find out that Muhammad has some beef with him. (and not in a tasty "hey bro I love roast beef" kinda way either... these guys got some issues.) So, to settle their differences they have a drum battle, as suggested by emo-ass Stalin and his guy-liner.

Scotty Jam Jam teaches us some survivals.

More music videos.

This guy, Che something, stops by and lets us know what it is like to be a revolutionary on the run from cat-pigs... Or something like that, his accent was really hard to understand. I got lost at the butt sex.

...and Stalin loses his dog, apparently. Though I don't know if it counts as losing an animal if you are such a loser that the damn thing can just walk away from you. The world may never know.

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