BitChute: Genesis


First published at 02:38 UTC on December 6th, 2017.

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Get at me
twitter @vybeypantelonez
minds @hexagod

-RIP Vidme

-what pisses me off about vidme closing

-could have offered crowdfunding

-onward and forward!

-the show must go on

-started a patreon page for the Liberty Art Collective/VybeMasterz ENT


Suggestions for Bitchute

-Changeable themes, the white background is killer on the eyes
-customizable Background color and layout for channels!
-Add a tip feature, tip leaderboards, take a 10% cut

-Let me help you code an app for android, I will devote a lot of time to this

-Quality options

-Audio quality is horrible on android

-Raw video uploads (.wmv. .mp4, etc torrent that shit)

-Better organization/Layout

-videos won't play in ESR firefox, a very common browser
The Good:

-Bitchute should be sustainable indefinitely, If the mods do it right
-Bitchute videos have been playing 100% and rarely stop
-if we can get the quality up to par I will exclusively upload to bitchute

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