Tommy Gallagher ~ Political Sin "Revised" 2018

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First published at 11:03 UTC on May 1st, 2018.

I released a CD In 2003 Called Love & Politics. One of the Tracks was Political Sin.
With everything unfolding in the World Today I Created a "Revised Updated" Version = New Players & Actors.
the Message of the Song. Helping Humanity Awake, as it was back then & Before that too.

Both Sides Have Guilty Players < If you Have NOT reconciled this as Part of the Evil Equation running against Humanity and the Planet please take a moment to Look. Its Been a Magic Show, a CON of the Biggest caliber and its HUGE X 150, every aspect of Our Lives.

Many of Our Political Leaders Have Lied to us on a Grand Scale and if you Know any of the Underlying Truth......

The imitated ; ) Voice Samples, There just wasn't enough Space to Put all Who are Corrupted within this song, Those Numbers are Astronomical... Apologies if I did NOT get your Particular 'Villain' in.

*** There is a NEW Sheriff in Town,
Mr Trump, who happens to be "Our President", is Doing Wonderful Things for HUMANITY ~ if you LOOK,

if you Don't Look...... then How can you See?

How about the Korea's........YES ! How Wonderful is that ? Didn't SEE That Coming.....But the Awake did !

Everyone I have Talked with Freaking out on TRUMP that I have asked to research, Refuses to Look but repeats what MSM is Projecting from their Network Programming Verbatim ~ Everyone! Practically Word for Word.....

It Takes Internet Research, Many Hours....Not watching MSM News....Look Ask Questions, Discern.

The Reason we have Political Sin, Corruption a Unhealthy Planet-People, ALL of it, is that Many Do NOT LOOK.....Well Start Looking......Please.

For #God & #Country Right ? For Something Please.

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