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First published at 08:14 UTC on April 14th, 2018.

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5D Café - ARE U AWAKE?
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Spiritual awakening is a passionate experience for all who are "waking up" now... Feel free to express insight via courteous discourse - We may not share the same truths, but we share a similar passion - and that works for me! Sware if you want but not at each other - Peace n love..

My 5D Reality - In my awakening I started sketching what turned out to be spiritual insights about multidimensionality, spiritual awakening, spiritual ascension, quantum physics, time, dark night of the soul, spiritual gifts, higher self, love, fear, state of being, frequency and other spiritually related odds and ends.

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Drop the fear judgemental beliefs passed down through many not entirely enlightened generations, throughout the dark ages...

It's time to find your real truth - earned wisdom. The wise masters found their truth as they ventured into uncharted territory, with courage and faith on their journey. It wasn't simply a belief system that they adopted; it was insight from the wisdom they discovered on their path to enlightenment.

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