After Actually Visiting Douma, Western Media Finally Begin to Question "Gas Attack" Story


First published at 00:37 UTC on April 19th, 2018.

The corrupt Corporate Media take satisfaction in their copy-and-paste echo chamber 'journalism', and in faithfully repeating lies from corrupt officials without questions.

What would happen if they actually went and checked the situation for themselves?

Donald Trump will have to live with his new status as a war criminal. Having skipped the Constitutionally required Congressional authorization, he launched an open war (for the SECOND time) against a country which posed absolutely no threat to the United States. Additionally, this was done with the excuse of obviously falsified evidence supplied by known terrorists, which means he perjured himself to the American People, and collaborated with terrorists. To accomplish this, he effectively stole and wasted tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, in a single stroke. Aggression against another country, not in self defense, is a war crime.

There is no excuse for those in our military following unlawful orders. There is no honor in attacking innocent people. There is dishonor in giving assistance to brutal ISIS terrorists. When one follows unlawful orders, one is only a partner in war crimes.

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