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Mordecai Carmel the Say10WarShipper

First published at 05:52 UTC on January 14th, 2018.

I thought I would never talk about the drama surrounding Logan Paul but I was left with no choice when the shining beacon of morality known as Vegan Gains made a video on the drama acting like an idiot as usual. The guy lost the right to say people don't appreciate the value of life when he tried to film his grandpa having a heart attack and wanted to upload the footage. He also made a death threat towards MrRepzion which is unacceptable under any circumstance.
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no matter how much you may feel the urge to do not go out of your way to attack vegan gains he does not deserve your traffic and also it is just a scummy thing to do in general.

Links showing vegan gains's insanity:

I disagree a bit with bearing's video but he still has some good points on him

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