Adolf Hitler - The "Monster" that he was.., NOT.!!


First published at 22:25 UTC on March 20th, 2018.

This is just a bit of photographic insight into what the "real monster" (NOT) that Adolf Hitler was.! -- And by way of examining the truly genuine smiles and facial gestures of him AND "his Folk"., one can easily see that the MOST demonized person of ALL history., was truly just the opposite..!!

The fact is., is that children are VERY sensitive to anything "off" about other people., and throughout all the memoirs of people who were around Hitler., from military and political staff, to the housekeepers and secretaries., all of them mention at how children were "drawn" to Hitler., and the amount of photos are VERY plentiful of him sitting / standing there with children all around him, who appear to be quite comfortable and wearing smiles.!!

One can take from that, what you will., but it's just WELL know that children are not shy about showing their dislike for people they think are dangerous, scary or just plain "weird". -- Of course this part of Hitler's character is rarely revealed.! Only in the case of the Joseph Goebel's children, is his love & affinity for young children ever shown in the "mainstream media"., and even then, only quite rarely.!

These children would have sensed if Hitler was either bad and / or evil., or even just "off in his character". -- They would NOT have been kissing him on the cheek. -- And by-the-way., has anyone ever seen many photos or films of Stalin embracing children.?!?! -- In fact., NO parent wanted their children to go anywhere near him.

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