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First published at 01:44 UTC on September 11th, 2017.

"Freedom must be anchored in real objective and lasting truth, what is just & true [for all]! Truth is not a convenient tool for the politically & economically powerful. Government should never have the power to determine what human rights are. Reality itself is nothing more than what each individuals or group feels it to be. The basis of true human rights: the unlimited right to choose." -Todd Huizinga, former U.S. Diplomat

Swedish billionaire Laszlo Szombatfalvy authored 'The Greatest Challenges of Our Time' (2010) focusing on four major risks he believes to be threatening mankind. Now, he's added a 'Fifth Risk' to his list:
Remodeling Global Cooperation

"We believe a new shape of collaboration is needed to address the most critical challenges in our globalized world. Today's risks are so dangerous & so global in their nature that they've outrun the international system's ability to deal with them." -Szombatfalvy (Reuters)

Join us in Remodeling Global Cooperation, a new vision, one of true & just Truth & Freedom, for all. For inquiries & submissions:
Opening Ceremony 17 July 2017

Man is made in Creators image, hue-man, human-kind. This divine destiny of universal human rights, for all, is our commitment in curating evolutionary best practices & solutions, facilitating a global shift for good, a thriving world of peace prevailing!

Laszlo Szombatfalvy, Global Challenges Foundation

Todd Huizinga (former U.S. Diplomat)

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