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First published at 15:25 UTC on April 16th, 2018.

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Since i will be focusing myself I'll be also Handle Criticism, Trolls, and Haters, By Accepting it.

Because for the past 10 years on the internet since 2008 to 2017 i will admit that i was struggling, unfocused and been through situations with Critics, Trolls, and Haters a like. and it made me not go to the right direction, people in the past as naysayers say that i am worse, that a view botter, an animated Knock off and my own drawings are sucks, that i am a narcissist, a bad player, given me racist names under the sun that got me furiously under pressure,

well this video i am willing to Accept all the negativity come in my way as part of my motivation.

from now on ill be ignoring all Critics, Bullies, Trolls, Haters, doubters and naysayers with their own opinions against me from their mean comments to there worthless Drama Video Responses.

in all honesty, for past 10 years i wanted to chase my own dream on the internet to become a big animator and speed drawing and as it went down hill i was nowhere near to my on success which got me unfocusd because of the negativity that i received in the past, but thanks to the motivational videos that i've been watching in the past view weeks, i was willing to start over and not let the Critics, Bullies, Trolls, Haters, doubters and naysayers get the better of me.

also i will be staying on youtube permanently no matter what situation comes its way to this platform, i will face it, fight i,t and win and more importantly, i am willing to stay consistent on this platform so however must they all try to sunk me down, I Now Know full well That All Haters Are But Frail, Puny, Weak and Pathetic Feeble Human Beings who have nothing better do in their own lives, because thay are too afraid for some living being reaching to their own goals.

i've also learned 2 things

that 'Haters' Stands for: Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.


the only way t..

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