Enterthe5t4rz RELOADED - Casting Judgement On Me - I FORGIVE You and your Subs!


First published at 04:58 UTC on January 10th, 2018.

Enterthe5t4rz RELOADED - Casting Judgement On Me - I FORGIVE You and your Subs!

This is a Video Response to some recent messages and public comments left by Casey Enterthe5t4rz RELOADED. This video is NOT a Bashing video, Nor is it Anger or Belittling. I am simply presenting the Facts as Casey completely Denied judging, me yet in this video I will present proof, not Opinion that he wrongly Judged me!

The content in this video will Prove beyond reasonable doubt that He not only Judged me but made several assumptions, Mistakes and condoned his own subscribers to judge me and The content in this video will also prove that his intent was that I be wrongly judged to publish me because I dare to comment on his video about His judgmental behavior. In his Own words he denies Judging me but in the very next sentence he states that he sent me a private message because he "Did not want to (JUDGE ME) In public" Yet Here I am, So he then states that he will provide my link to my video to allow his Subs to "JUDGE" for them self if he did the right thing. In that statement his intent was to allow his subs to Judge if he did the right thing by refusing to promote my channel, However, Since his private message was not published it would be rather difficult for his subscribers to "Judge" rathe he did the right thing or not beings they where unable to see exactly what he had said to me.

In this video I go over what was actually said and without taking his words out of context or or changing his words in any way, nor manipulating what was said, His own words factually prove that he not only judged me. But he literally Judged a book by it's cover.

I have supported His channel since just before 2012 and I watched his videos and like any channel I support, When I watch a video, I turn down any distractions and watch the video to a point where I can hear it word for word... ESPECIALLY If I claim to be reviewing his channel for promotion. meaning, I shut off any TV in my house, Nob..

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