The Swamp Only Has 2 Main Plugs - But No One Held JFKs Beer


First published at 19:40 UTC on June 13th, 2018.

No president has made any move to unplug the swamp since JFK outside of words. The media swamp and intelligence agencies is what keeps Americans sounding like mockingbirds mocking for war, violence. division and all the other tools of the swamp.

Swamp Plug 1: Reform/remodel or delete intelligence agencies that require a permanent status of war
Swamp Plug 2: No monopolgy nor large media corporations where serve to consolidate intellectuals into 1 sided thoughtless media ghettos.

The rest will completely sort itself out when people are allowed real news and to know all sides of all stories.

" It's not what you put on the news that changes the world it's what you don't." Roger Ailes



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