Daniel Woodward - Danbient (2017 Remastered Edition)


First published at 01:45 UTC on February 13th, 2018.

Danbient was recorded at the Sony Theatre in Bridgend College and it’s the second album I’ve done in the ambient genre. It is the first album I’ve made without using loops or samples and also the longest to make, taking me 18 months to record.

Danbient was made at a difficult point in my life. At that time, I was not in a good place. I constantly got into conflicts with friends in college in both professional and personal terms, which resulted in two of my closest friends and I to go our separate ways and not be friends anymore. I also became very distant with my family, not speaking to them at all and not giving them any notice or letting them help me with things that I struggled with. I was under a lot of pressure with college work, trying to keep up with deadlines and then to make matters worse, I was drinking a lot and started smoking and taking anti-depressants just to help me relax and get through the day.

The first seven months recording was a nightmare. Originally, I was trying to make the third volume of One-Man GarageBand, but I didn’t like anything I was making, felt it was uncreative and uninspired, and it resulted in the first iteration of OMGB Volume 3 to be scrapped (I went on to release OMGB Volume 3, a year after the release of this album).

However, in late January 2014, I started getting my creative juices flowing again, once I started making original music for the very first time. It was nerve-racking, but was exciting and I felt more confident to move away from loops and samples and just make music that I personally want to create with a concept in mind, rather than pre-used ideas from loops and samples to create songs from them.

Another thing about the album, was that it was the first to have some of the tracks to get their own music videos. Those videos were filmed in my bedroom and in the back at my house up in the hills.
I had so much fun making the videos, especially when it comes to the editing stage. I still look back at these videos with fond memories, and it showed me that I can create videos solo, without any help with my colleagues.

At a time when I felt nothing but sadness, anger and frustration, I find it interesting that the album I made in the end sounded nothing like what was going on, but yet it does at the same time. The themes of loneliness and reflection is the vibe I got now looking back in hindsight and I think it works now that I listen to it three years later.

After the release of Danbient, my life was getting back on track. After half a year without speaking, two of my closest friends and I reconciled and started hanging out and making videos again, I’ve started talking to my family again and letting them help me with my issues, I stopped drinking and smoking and cut them down to a minimum, I’ve completed my Level 3 Creative Media course with good grades and I’ve got my creative juices for music again and haven’t looked back since.

Danbient was my favourite record of all the albums I’ve made and it’s the one that I go back and listen to every now and then. But of course, my new favourite album I’ve made will soon be coming out soon and I’m very excited to release it. Hope to release the first song in June to start building up hype and promote the album and I can’t for you guys to hear the whole thing. Thank you reading this and I hope you enjoy the re-release of Danbient.

- Daniel Woodward

P.S. – I like to thank Charlotte Lomax for allowing me to include two of her short films, One for Sorrow and AfterImage as part of the deluxe version of the reissue. She used a couple of my songs from the album for her films and I’m grateful that she had used them. I felt like this is something I can show my appreciation by including them into the new re-release. Definitely check them out when you get the chance. Thanks Charl! :)

Original Release Date: November 24, 2014

Track Listing:

1. Night Light - 00:00:05
2. Morning Moon- 00:02:40
3. Ann Nicol, Sarn - 00:08:21
4. Time Passing By - 00:14:22
5. Street Lights - 00:22:08
6. Raining with No Rhythm - 00:30:07
7. Graffitic Patterns - 00:34:55
8. The Hills Blowing in the Wind - 00:38:01
9. Evening Sun - 00:41:17
10. End of Spring/Through the Trees - 00:49:08

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