Ep 3.1 - Erection Day - Chili Cookoff Carnival


First published at 16:31 UTC on September 16th, 2017.

If you need trigger warnings you probably aren't watching this video. BUT if you ARE then consider yourself warned! We are very serious about being ridiculous.
That word is ridiculous. "Ridiculous"... when someone is sounding out slowly for effect, don't they pronounce it "RE-DICK-YOU-LUSS?" why is it spelled with an "i" in the beginning? Is it because it comes from the word "ridicule?" That seems silly. The English language is a fickle mistress I tell you what.
Speaking of fickle mistresses...
Who out there has a side piece? This is the "hip-hop generation" right? That's the right colloquialism isn't it? "Side Piece"? Anyway... Who has one? Don't you hate it when you're having a foursome and the ugliest one says, "Save it for me." I know I do. Sorry, I stole that from Jim Carrey. But you didn't know that because you haven't read this far.

#blameorificeA #orificeAdidit #bandsagainstorificeA

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