Love Spells: Why Don't They Work?

- Nana Baakan
  • Jul 31, 2017
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The title of this video is "Love Spells - Why Don't They Work?"
It may seem like this video may be a departure from my usual uploads, and to be sure, comparing what I have been posting recently you may think that, but my old subscribers, who may still be around, remember that along with videos about my African Performance arts group, "Voices Of Africa" (, many of my videos had a bit of a metaphysical flare, so to speak. In fact, my channel was filled with several videos on the I Ching, ( an oracle system that I feel is one of the most profound systems out there, of course this is my humble opinion and I have certainly not utilized or explored all of them so, suffice it to say, of all the ones I have had the opportunity to use, the I Ching is the best one for me.
But, I am first and foremost a Metaphysician with a keen interest in the news and what's happening in our world, but I have also found that it really helps to have an Oracle system that helps you to see beyond the veil.
Along with being a Metaphysician, African Performing Artist, I am also a Mental Health professional with a small independent business called Nana's Consultant Services. From time to time, I am able to incorporate my Spiritual inclinations and intuitions, life experience, etc. with my Mental Health Profession and it is quite rewarding to be able to do that.
So, from time to time, I get to answer some spiritual questions for folks who seek me out. I do personal readings, but also, I may receive some request via email.
This video is a response to one of the requests. Someone wanted me to do a love spell so that they could break up the relationship that the person they were once with, is in. They believed strongly that the person left under the wrong circumstances, or a misunderstanding and if she could just get him back she could make it all better for the b..