'RACISM CUTS BOTH WAYS' BNP leaflet launch, opposing the (((BBC))). Ten Years ago. Nick Griffin 2008


First published at 05:21 UTC on January 31st, 2018.

Talk by Nick Griffin launching booklet 'Racism Cuts Both Ways' in Manchester, England, 11 Nov 2008. Lots of detail on planning, design, contents, mailshots, distribution.
--- A hack called Sean Thomas (may or may not be real name) in the Daily Telegraph May 15th 2013 blamed Nick Griffin for 'intervening' in the Rotherham Muslim white rape cases. (Rotherham is a so-called 'Labour' party contituency; most of that time the MP was a Jew whose name was changed to MacShane).
--- 10-20 mins Anti-white race material - in schools. Muslim sex grooming covered up by the police and other authorities. Parental anger mentioned.
--- 20-30 mins. The scandal of the 'Joint Tenancy Agreement' and how the BNP made it come to light against the opposition of all the old parties. This took MORE THAN FIVE YEARS.
--- 30-40 mins. This part mostly deals with police, court, and political refusal to deal with anti-white race crime. And attacking the white victims.
--- 40-50 mins. 'Racism Cuts Both Ways' BNP booklet - direct mailing as bypassing the controlled media, and ultimately affecting voting patterns.

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