Fly Over Cuntry

Xylen Roberts

First published at 03:21 UTC on April 17th, 2018.

Duck Billed Hickok is back in black and playin' hackeysack on a rusted two dollar guitar like the surreal misremembered malformation of a hayseed he is. This time he's here to talk to y'all about the misconceptions city folk have about small town America, thinking that anyone that comes from one is an incestuous slack jawed yokel. This surreal interpretation of a hillbilly stereotype thinks such beliefs are fightin' words and ain't gonna rest 'til everyone knows it! No but seriously, Xylen Roberts here and I am in complete agreement with the old intergalactic platypus redneck hybrid. As someone who grew up in both a small rural town and a slightly bigger strip mall small town in West Virginia, I am here to say that, while there are quite a few quote unquote 'hillbillies' around there, there's also quite a few oddballs and non-conformists. They range from gutter punks and hipsters running organic farms in the middle of nowhere to bohemian shut ins hiding away playing video games to shield themselves from the limitations of small town life. From college intellectuals getting education on a shoestring budget to libertarians fighting for God given property and gun rights. Not to mention, many of these so called rednecks will often surprise you with their intellect and cultural knowledge. There's plenty of folks who exist somewhere in between worlds too. Some call them 'hipsterbillies' lol. And surrounding it all are strange things creeping in the woods and complex monsters and angels hiding in the hearts of the townsfolk. Nothing here is as it seems. You'll never know the hidden Twin Peaks lying beneath the surface of small town America. Duck Billed Hickok and I discuss this in the latest video.


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