Tikkun Olam by LIM & Yoshiwaku [Video reserved for an informed public]


First published at 16:26 UTC on February 14th, 2018.

The Colibri Necrophile presents :
Tikkun Olam by LIM & Yoshiwaku in free download here https://archive.org/details/Tikkun_Olam_LIM_and_Yoshiwaku

L.I.M https://limtl.bandcamp.com/ & Yoshiwaku https://yoshiwaku.bandcamp.com/

Live session recorded in Montreal, Autumn 2013. See Saw & Ohm Sounds on tracks 5/3/4 added in september 2015.
First this album was called Pareidolia as you can still find it here https://yoshiwaku.bandcamp.com/album/pareidolia
But we choised to change the titles next to change the title of the video clip which was "Do You Believe In Humanity ?" to "Tikkun Olam : For the dead and the living, we must bear witness.”
Because this is an open mind collaboration, wisdom comes from the meeting each other and brings transcendance when we are able to listen each other.

A word about it by Yoshiwaku : I rarely addressed this theme in my work as it is not easy to make understandable that there is not one genocide, but many genocides, or that their memory* belongs to no one but all humanity.
Whether oppression and mass execution of an ethnic group on a short lapse of time, or it be any other group permanently, this means just a more easily observable result.
Example, genocide of "deviance", where people are forced into suicide due to society's intolerable inhumanity for years.

Similarly, slavery of the past is no worse than modern slavery, the
work, these are just despicable practices. No matter whether
about concentration camps, camps for refugees, intensive livestock
operations or psychiatric hospitals ... where any living being are deprived of their rights and sequestered whatever the reason why :
there is no hierarchy in inhumanity.
My point is to say that even if there is no need to make a classification of the horror, the Holocaust of Persons with disabilities, Political dissidents, Homosexuals, Jews and Gypsies, remains a tragedy, the more shocking is that it seems we do not have understand the lesson, it's particularly visible with the politicians whom continue to oppose against each other and advocate competition as model for society.

* sounds obvious by "memory", I mean not any cult of mortification but a reminder to stop ever replicate past mistakes.

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