Declarative concurrent programming in join calculus with Chymyst

Applied Functional Programming Theory

First published at 03:09 UTC on April 9th, 2018.

This is an extended version of the talk given at Scale by the Bay 2017 talk video

Chymyst Core main code repository:

Abstract: Chymyst is a new open-source framework for industry-strength declarative concurrent programming in Scala. Chymyst implements the Abstract Chemical Machine (a.k.a. Join Calculus) concurrency paradigm, which radically improves upon the well-known Actor model by making actors type-safe, stateless, and automatically managed. I show concise and fully declarative Chymyst solutions for classic concurrency problems such as the "dining philosophers" or parallel "merge sort". Chymyst is in active development; next steps on the roadmap include providing comprehensive industry-friendly features such as APIs for unit testing, performance monitoring, and fault tolerance.

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