How to make strong firecrackers at home

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  • Aug 19, 2017
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The Flash powder is complete fill the paper tube, and its looks like a strong array but its not a strong array but this time for good because the flash powder is well fills densely the paper tube.But when you unpack the firecracker the Flash powder are friable and not a array.If The Flash Powder is not enough dense insaide the firecracker, or good quality flash powder firecracker will be much weaker.But if you press your flash powder in a array your firecracker will not work. Before you load the Flash powder the firecracker do a test paper tube and follow the video.
Flash powders for petard firecracker: Kmno4/al/s 60/30/10%, Kclo4/al/s 50/40/10%, Kno3/mg/s 50/40/10%, Kclo4/mg/s 50/40/10%, The loudest of the Kclo4/Mg/s
The firecracker paper glued by water glas sodium silicate upper and lower 2cm gypsum closing the firecracker
Firecacker petard 1 (smaller)Made it by 2 piece 7cm large 14,5cm long write paper wrapped in 0,5cm staw full paper lenght 29cm
Firecacker petard 2 (larger)Made it by 2 piece 7cm large 21cm long write paper wrapped in 0,7cm pencil full paper lenght 42 cm. To the full firecracker project click my channel