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WUCN- Epi #165- What The World Needs To Hear NOW! We are in the fight of our lives - the speech the world NEEDS to hear right now. Check out Konstantin Kisin,'s speech at Dr Jordan B Peterson's ARC... By TRIGGERnometry

WUCN- Epi #164 - Canadian Military Operations VECTOR and LAZER! Canadians Need To Know From Australia's Senator Malcolm Roberts! Are You Listening?

WUCN- Epi #163 - A Big Problem For Trudeau and The New Speaker Of The House In Canada. Oh What Will They Do Next?
Written by Michele Garner Rempel - MP

WUCN-Epi#160- Dr. Ann Gillies From The 1 Million March For Children For Children Advisory Board Discusses The March For Children and Ways To Move Forward! What's Next!

WUCN- Epi #157 - The 1 Million March 4 Children-Behind The Scene with Ken Drysdale on a Variety of Topics affecting Manitoban's and Canadians alike!

WUCN-Epi#156-Professor Mattais Desmet - Belgian Psychologist On How Society Is Being Psy-Op'd

WUCN-Epi#155- Dr. Peter McCullough On The Facts and Real Truth! What Really Happened During The Last Pandemic? Don't Let It Happen Again!

WUCN - Epi#154 - "Shadoe At Night Show" Invited Me On To Chat On A Variety Of Topics.

WUCN-Epi#153- Senator Batters On The Truth Behind The Trudeau Foundation! Canadians Need To Know!

WUCN-Epi#115-They Can Keep Taking It Down, We Will Keep Putting It Back Up! WiLL you Fall For It All The 2nd Time? The Covid BS Returns And Concerns On The Rise! NOT CASES!!!!
The Facts:
The latest VAERS data published....we found this data on Steve Kirsch's substack.
Insert Charts here from = https://kirschsubstack.com/p/breaking-vaers-data-clearly-shows

Stats Canada

For full reports including 387 pages of specific reaction listings please see;-

WUCN - Epi #150 - Was Sheila Lewis Murdered By A Canadian Healthcare System That Has Lost Their Morals and Ethics Along The Way?

Don't believe us?

Christine Massey FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the
world (217 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere,
ever...none exists.

Christine Massey website link for the show notes

WUCN-Epi#149-School Board Superintendent Amps Up Rhetoric And Sets Stage For Conflict!
Whistle Blower provides the evidence and we discuss the implications of what was communicated to the Teachers and Staff of The Louis Riel School Division.

Largest School Division In Manitoba Issues Threatening Letters
To 35 People Banning Them From The Louis Riel School Properties!

WUCN- Epi#147-One of The Biggest School Divisions In Manitoba Violates Their Own Policy! Trespass All Over The Rights of Concerned Parents and Citizens!

WUCN-Epi#145-DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) - Canada/USA Fires and The Threat We Face!
The mainstream media has covered the devastating Fires on the afternoon and evening of August 8th, 2023 in Maui, Hawaii and specifically the historic resort city of Lahaina.

The alternative news as always is one step ahead of the main stream media. What we produce
eventually becomes accepted as truth, although it may take the established media some time to admit their propaganda lies when it becomes accepted common knowledge.

Facebook has been working hard to remove videos taken by witnesses and citizen journalists in Lahaina.....to discredit the theory that the City and its inhabitants were attacked by Direct Energy Weapons also known as DEW.

WUCN-Epi#144-Canada's New 2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan "Targets Parents Opposing" Gender Ideology and Indoctrination!

WUCN-Epi#143- Christine Anderson of The EU Parliament - The Best Thing You Can Do Right Now.......SPEAK UP! Do Not Let Them Do This Any Longer!

WUCN-Epi#142-Ideological Subversion From The KGB Expert At It! Yuri Bezmenov - 1984 Interview On What Is Being Done To Us Right Now!

Again, TOO MANY ????????????????

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#140-Clash Between Chinese Canadians, Hong Kong Police and Wpg Police During The World Police and Fire Games Closing Ceremony This Past Weekend. Todd McDougal from Winnipeg Alternative Media Gives Us The Inside Story.

Wake Up Canada News - Episode #139 - The 1 Speech You Haven't Heard Yet! James Lindsay Leading Expert On Critical Race Theory.

Wake Up Canada News - Another Message To The UNVACCINATED!

Wake Up Canada News - Epi #137 - Cancel Culture Dies When We Speak The Truth!

Wake Up Canada News - Epi #136 - Fiscal Waste During The Pandemic In Canada and The USA


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