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Taken From NWO: Communism By the Backdoor by Dennis Wise and Truthwillout


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The Internal Enemy of America


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We either revolt and hunt down every single Globalist now and eliminate them or let them continue to hunt us down until they eliminate us.

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Paradigm Shift
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Taken from A Study On Auschwitz by Denierbud

Jonathan Schneer talks about the Balfour Declaration, which split historic Palestine between the Israels and Palestinians and created one of the longest running conflicts in modern history. Mr. Schneer spoke at the Jimmy Carter Library & Museum in Atlanta.

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How African-Americans were treated inside of Nazi Germany during world war two and also the story of Jesse Owens which is the truth that you’ve never heard before. Many other units fought for Hitler From all over the world and all walks of life race and religion. Before modern day America Hitler had the largest multicultural army in the world. He organized the world in order to save it from the Jews And there were even 100,000 Jewish soldiers that fought for the Reich too Including the head of the SS who was half Jewish and Hitler’s best friend. You have been lied to As if that something new.

Watch Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told!

The only Jewish free social network left

Dennis Hopper’s first role, reminds me of the current state of affairs today. Predictive Programming?

Thank You Ursula for being such a brave woman right under the nose of ZOG despite the Holocaust Laws. What the Jews don’t want Germans doing is researching this information and that is the main reason behind this post because what the Jews don’t want you doing is exactly what you should be doing unless you feel happy with the state of affairs in Germany today especially after listening to Ursula’s speech. Germans are afraid and that’s completely understandable but trust me, they cannot arrest all of you. What you don’t want to do is what Ursula did in this video and try this solo. It will lead you right to jail because you are singling yourself out or isolating for one thing and most importantly you will have just given the prosecution all of the evidence it needs to send you to prison. What you can and should is first learn how to spot a Jew or a CryptoJew without looking up their names. In other words, learn how to spot the 👃. Secondly stop all forms of traceable communication. Clean up your social media account posts relating to national socialism or delete your accounts, either other. As long as you create the illusion that you changed (if you even needed to) and have a normal life and family and have moved on and are just a regular slave for the government just like everyone else. Post stupid things that have no value, don’t educate or have purpose. Never talk to your friends In person and never over the phone or internet. Many people know other people and unless you talk to them you will never find it. If you don’t know anyone go and find them. Take advantage of having to wear masks in public. The disadvantage is you will not be able to spot the 👃 but an even greater advantage is you can communicate with other Christians and non Jewish Germans and they will not be able to see what you look like if they turn out to be a shill or a hooked nose son of Lucifer. You are bound to bump into many people, possibly more than you or I could ever imagine. Don’t start off by saying Hitler was Right or anything about Germany during WW2. Instead, talk about the migrant issues and how to get rid of the migrants with the help of the government by petition and if not with the help of the government, the next thing to do would be for the citizens of Germany to take matters into their own hands and get rid of the Muslims yourselves in a peaceful way if at all possible. Currently Germans still outnumber Muslims now and could easily escort them outside of the country without a punch thrown. Don’t wait until you are outnumbered. If you do not do this, you will see the same thing that has been terrorizing Americans for decades. They don’t want to replace you or they would have started fighting with you already. They want to breed with your children and your grandchildren and slowly make the German race disappear. Next, tell them the place and the time to meet. Have a time and prearrange a place to meet somewhere in the woods, beer hall, park etc. Anywhere but your home. Next either watch from a distance where you cannot be seen or show up late and see if anyone shows up. Even if a few people show up, that’s better than nothing. Even if two people, you have two more people to reach out to others in the same way and eventually develop your own secret society. Meet in beer halls like they used to do so it could not be tied to one individual. Once you have over a hundred people, then you can get a little bolder and speak your mind along with your new political party with the beer hall, grassroots movement you started. Then you will expand more and will all, finally, as a whole become a legitimate threat to the government and to the Muslims. The government must fear you in order to take your demands for rights seriously. Finally reach out to people in the military. Ask them if they want to continue to fight for their government or instead fight for their country. That always gets them thinking. When all else fails, and you have a majority of the people on your side, and the Machinery of government is broken down, complete insurrection would be absolutely necessary. Adolf Hitler wasn’t chosen to be Adolf Hitler, he decided to be Adolf Hitler just like one of you will one day decide to be. Sieg Heil!

The Jews and Muslims have fooled the world. They have been coordinating together since the Reconquista and all the way up until 911 and the Mass Flood of Immigrating their blood brothers into Europe.
Judaism and Islam 101: Ishmael was the first Arab, son of Abraham and an Egyptian Pharaoh’s daughter.



The Jews have been trying to have a race war between whites and blacks for a long time.


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