hi, i was feeling better, and bad again. but slightly better...

it seems like US politics is stable for a while because of filibuster by Sinema and Manchin. basically whatever biden does is blocked.

*background is ff14 wedding.

to define a lawful and democratic country, it requires separation of white house, congress and court systems. but i can't really think USA has such power of balance. DOJ is so corrupt to aide rioters. congress stages up fake insurgency with FBI. police doesn't care of constitution nor civil rights in blue states.

but maybe... there is no democratic counties in the world.... perhaps it doesn't work in the end of the day.

email is an old protocol. we can encrypt main contents, but NOT header. header can not be encrypted by any possible way. no!

i am the only japanese in alt tech platform...

recommend this book to your friends and family. then they will have less chance to be brainwashed. this book is so underrated. real ending has a hope.

you can avoid being tracked by using De-Google phone. go to Braxman Tech Store.

go pro 9 hyperlapse footage. our family has go pro 7 too. both are good. but they just never work after night time. censor is too small to capture enough lights. go pro 9's new feature Super Wide Lens Movie is indeed amazing. it will be cropped to 2.7k, but wider than regular models. you can select 4k wide too.

btw, in youtube, sometimes i gained pv, but overall, my channel there is dying lol and i am not gonna tune into their algorithm. i am not doing this for living. Brighteon was doing ok until recently. their category system is too bad to use. it's not working. styx is right about brighteon.

anyway, i am talking about internet privacy recently. NOT internet security. these two are very different. in my place, japan, people are far behind the internet technology. both security and privacy are bad here. it's kinda impossible to talk about internet privacy with japanese people. their messenger app Line is the worst. it's almost like you store your data into ccp server eveyday. dump Line. worst app.

bgm: sakla MT

came back to Bitchute. brighteon is not really good... i will talk about it later.

there are 4 kinds of smart phones. apple, android, pinephone, and liberem5. but liberem5 never be complete, and pinephone is like.... it's 300 usd incomplete product.

it has potential, but it's way too far to complete. so i recommend De-Google phone. visit Rob Braxman tech. it's basically google pixel 3 or 4 without google. i will talk about it later.

take doow that guy. who on the right mind can possibly defend this pope ? he is as bad as xi jinpin. maybe slightly better, but obviously way under the average person. i don't even trust other cardinals. what are they doing? are they all corrupt and working for ccp ?

i know a lot of catholic people are good people, but Vatican is not. it's a joke organization helping dictatorship.

governors of Michigan, Minnesota, New york, california are basically unconstitutional and almost criminals. feds must arrest them by sidition or at least insurgency. they are basically behaving as exactly like dictators. especially govenor of Michigan and Nyeyrok are responsible for mass murders and riots.

game: Ghost of Tsushima

support bitchute and odysee. use Vpn all the time. turn off Bluetooth. if necessary, quit school. talk with parents more. use less messengers, use a phone call. you can make a phone call by using a phone.

testing around. btw i am very glad president Trump looks ok, mote like energetic like college kids. i normally don't upload game footage with no talk. i feel like it's not really a content.

so many things going on. my surgery done. i wont die so soon i guess.
i will talk about Vatican and The pope. totally unethical person. supporting ccp itself is beyond my imagination.

i was playing around in instagram video, and just some idea poped up.

#blm #riot

there are 2 types of BLM. just like styx666 says. one is a general idea black peoples life is important, which is of corse. but the problem is the second BLM, which is a self claim marxist organization who aim at destruction of the society. i do not support burning, looting, stealing, burgeling, or murders. those actions can not and should not be justified by any circumstances.

i am a person of color.
by Yukkuri Japanese vocaloid. still no subs sorry.

just block this, who cares. we fight for freedom and liberty.
support Bitchute.

Disqus is not only censoring English, also against Japanese too. they are Asian. so Disqus is a bigot and rasist company.

please subscribe styx666. he is the second god next to trump.

lets talk about another science scam. ocean acidification is fake. if ocean is ph 3 or 4, that's deadly terrible. but it's not. and will no be.

the word Acid is scary to layman like myself. that's why scaremongers are using those strange terms. some ocean is acid, maybe in the Venus or somewhere.

#cnn #antifa

japanese nhk is a garbage news, but at least they have good dramas. while cnn is supporting a domestic terrorist group. they are beyond fake news outlet.

bg footage
from local train of Ibaraki state of Japan.

#portland #mayor #antifa

about this luntic lord of portland. he himself claimes to be a member of antifa. he is a government official. and antifa is a domestic terrorist organization. why US government allows a terrorist as a major. it doesn't make any sense. i am not living in US, so i wouldn't know.

the background footage is ruins of Japanese castle in ibaraki pref in Japan.

#politics #portland


President Trump VS Twitter. real enemy is an AI Scientist.

ya, it's not even a question. it's a spy app. dont use it. even suggested by government, don't use it.

does disqus side with ccp or something ?? as president trump said, tiktok is a huge threat to the USA. and tiktok is undoubtedly spywear. disqus needs to answer this. why did you silence comment for tiktok ? are you ccp or member ?

#tiktok #ティクトク #sns

after corona. in japan, it's damn weak. much weaker than influenza.

i am oppressed by google ccp. because i oppose WHO.

#japan #aftercorona #tokyo

#japan #coffee #星野珈琲

this episode is censored by disqus. it's a video of literary just a coffee in japan. in addition to unconstitutional, they are lunatic. tell me why this footage is offensive.

never buy Huawei. Never !

chinese government is not governing good.

organic food, veggie don't make any sense.

bgm beethoven moon light.


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omg, you are being tracked right now !

i strted to make playlists for this channel.
1) politics in general
2) timelapse and landscapes
3) science and knowledge
4) chinese politics

sorry my health conditions are really bad. might not be curable... i will continue this, but post much less.

disqus is truly disgusting entity. they are actively violating 1st amendment. i asked bitchute about this comment section ban issues. they said it's by disqus, not by bitchute. we can not let some company keep violating constitution and doing censorship illegally like ccp does.

maybe it will be fixed. and my youtube channel is somehow not sending my own video to bitchute. i guess i am partially deboosted or deranked.

i am talking about what is going on in the USA. mainly, focusing on fake news, strange news. using Yukkuri Voice of Japanese for sounds. and background is irrelevant to the topics.

i create Timelapse Mini Video, which is a short style landscape movie.
if you like Japan, or Timelapse, just hit the button or subscribe my content pls.
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ここを見てくださっている日本のユーチューバーさんへ。youtube の検閲は激しくなるばかりで、さらに多くのチャンネルやコメントが停止や削除される可能性が極めて高いです。ゆっくりの収益の話も含めて、ビットシュートやデイリーモーションにバックアップを取ることを強くオススメします。読み込みが遅い時には、お手数ですが一時停止ボタンを押して30秒ほどお待ちくださいませ、すいません。

規模の小さなチャンネルなので、youtube ではなくビットシュートでやってます。日本の方、よろしくお願いします。フェイクニュースに騙されないためのコンテンツを目指してます。

Bitchute は、youtube や dailymotion とは違って、中央制御のサーバーが基本的にはありません。p2pという分散型コンテンツ技術が使われています。なので、検閲やシャットダウンはできません。それにより、コメント欄もディスカスという特殊なプラグインが必要です。そのうち、使い方を説明する魔理沙動画をつくります。

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