Todd sits down with me to unpack concepts such as:

-the origin of religion

-how it is a programming mechanism

-how it is used to divide and rule us

-is jesus real?

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I’m Jehan Sattaur, Mindfulness Teacher, Subconscious Self Sabotage Coach and Host of the Boundless Authenticity podcast and my work focuses on removing the disempowering thoughts and beliefs from the subconscious mind which cause us to create less than favorable emotional consequences and circumstances.
If you are interested in working with me to change subconscious programs and beat self sabotaging behaviors e-mail me at [email protected] and don’t forget to join me on Telegram at and Instagram @jehansattaur
In this episode I explain the ins and outs of Cults:

How we live in a Cult of Global Disempowerment which is an umbrella for all other CULTure

How Mind Control & Brainwashing Differ

Tactics for Mind Control & Brainwashing

How humans come to behave in certain ways that are dictated by their subconscious beliefs

Alright so I gotta tell you guys a secret - I am so fascinated by the phenomenon of fertility and the role that energetics plays in the whole thing. you guys already would have heard me talk with Hypnofertility pioneer Lynsi Eastburn, and if you haven't definitely check out that episode

BUT I have the absolute honor of bringing to you for the very first time Fertility Shaman Cindy Jurado. Shaman Cindy comes from a long line of indigenous healers who realized her path through a series of supernatural encounters which happened after receiving healing from indigenous elders. You can find Cindy's book Igniting Within: A Hands on Healer's Tips for Awakening To your Highest Self on Amazon.

You can find her website or follow fertilityshaman on instagram. Let's get in to the discussion. PS Cindy will be back for a second part.

Theresa Cheung has been researching and writing about spirituality, dreams and the paranormal for the past twenty-five years. She has a degree from Kings College, Cambridge University in Theology and English and several international bestselling books, including two Sunday Times top 10 bestsellers to her credit. Her Dream Dictionary from A to Z (Harper Collins) is regarded as a classic in its field. Her spiritual books have been translated into over 40 languages. She has numerous features published online and in leading newspapers and magazines and is fast becoming known as the celebrity dream decoder.

Ever since I read the book The Children of Now by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey I have had an interest in crystalline children, indigo children, star kids and angels on earth.

Now I have the great honor of speaking with Lynsi Eastburn who is a world renowned pioneer in the field of fertility hypnosis. Over 2 decades ago Lynsi created a program called 3Keys Hypnofertility which helpds those struggling with infertility to increase their chances of having healthy babies and be able to realize their dreams of becoming parents.

Lynsi is a board certified Hypnotherapist and has a master's degree in Depth Psychology and she began using hypnosis to facilitate pregnancy long before anyone else had even considered the benefits of doing so and has even created a certification program for others to learn how to do the same. She is also an author of three books on this very important subject.

Lynsi has been featured nationally on Lifetime Television Network, ABC and CBS News, on national and international radio programs including KOSI After Dark and has been a guest on Toronto’s Breakfast Television and Canada’s @Home morning show. On May 24th Lynsi released a new edition of Waiting in the Wings: Introducing the Pink StarLights which explains the process of guiding unborn babies looking for their mothers.

In this episode we discuss topics such as:
Who are the Pink Starlights and what is their purpose?
The mission and the message of Pink Starlights
How Pink Starlights are behind tough fertility battles
Pink Starlights meditations
And we even go in to the difference between Pink Starlights, Indigo, Rainbow and Crystalline Kids.

Find Lynsi at and on instagram at lynsi.eastburn

And as always you can join my private telegram group at and follow me on Instagram @jehansattaur

For over two decades, Shelley A. Kaehr, PhD (Dallas, TX) has worked with thousands of people around the world helping them achieve greater peace and happiness in their lives. A world-renowned past-life regressionist, Dr. Shelley’s method of combining energy work with hypnosis has been endorsed by numerous leaders in the field of consciousness, including near-death experience pioneer Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. Brian Weiss. She received her Doctorate of Philosophy in Parapsychic Science from the American Institute of Holistic Theology in 2001.

Visit Shelley online:
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Twitter: @ShelleyKaehr

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This is episode 40 and my guest is Todd Cave returning for Ancient Origins Part 2 where we discuss the Annunaki in further detail, control systems like government, money and religion, as well as the genetic modification of human beings and the "worship gene". Apart from being a scholar and truth teller, Todd is also an online personal trainer and you can find him on instagram @adriano_246

This is episode 39 and my guest is Tasha Fishman. This is Tasha's second appearance on the show and man, it was great to hear from her again, beautiful person, amazing mind, truly caring spirit.

Tasha is an Unschooling Advocate - which frees kids from the trap of formal education which means that our children can be raised in an environment which is life supporting and void of the subconscious programs of the system we live in. This ensures that our kids grow up wiser, critical thinkers, creative and able to self regulate and flourish in this world much better than those who have been subjected to the mental projections and control mechanisms of the collective.

You can find Tasha at

Read "Weapons of Mass Instruction" by John Taylor Gatto

This is episode 38 and my guest today is Kate Thorvaldsen - author, artist, speaker and ET experiencer. When I first heard Kate's story I was floored because much of what she speaks about has tremendous resonance with me and since you guys have been asking me about ETs and other paranormal experiences I thought that Kate would be the perfect person to have a conversation with.

Find Kate's book "A Hybrid Story" where she talks about her life, experiences with ET and paranormal activity as well as her spiritual journey at




Jon Rappoport and Dr. Sam Bailey

Jehan Sattaur is a Mindfulness Teacher, Truth-Teller, Subconscious Self-Sabotage Coach, and host of the Boundless Authenticity podcast. He is currently living and working in Barbados.

Much of Jehan's work focuses on removing the disempowering thoughts and beliefs from the subconscious mind via counselling, talk therapy, coaching, meditation, mindfulness and breathwork instruction.

How can we take back control of our subconscious mind and begin to consciously improve our day-to-day lives?

How do seemingly harmless everyday things like television, pop music, and coffee reduce our quality of life by harming us subconsciously?

How do we enslave ourselves by internalizing what we hear and see from news, media, politics and culture?

What is the one single thing we can all do to become mindful of these dark outside forces and choose a better path forward? (Hint: take a deep breath...)

In this episode Jehan shares a wealth of insight and a host of esoteric knowledge that can send us all on a better path if we so choose

Episode 37 of The Boundless Authenticity Podcast with Guest Deplorable Janet - The Host of the Deplorable Nation Podcast. We chat about current events and otherwise unspeakable truths like abortion, Georgia Guide stones, medical misconduct, CERN and more.

Laura Van Tyne is a spiritual warrior - Psychic Medium, remote viewer, speaker and author. Laura provides solutions for etheric protection, focusing on specific tools and modalities for spiritual protection and raising your frequency to optimize your spiritual health. You can find Laura at

Today's guest is no stranger to the show - its Dr. Christopher Macklin
Christopher is a health & wellness practitioner, medical intuitive and author who first appeared on Episode 21 - so if you have not yet listened to that, you gotta go back and listen to it.

Christopher's work specializes in developing protocols for removing 'manufactured diseases' like lime, HIV, agent orange, Morgellons and many other issues. His healing techniques are credited with helping a great number of people to recover from all types of illness.

Christopher has written several books including History Truth and Healing - HIV/AIDS, Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, Morgellons & Lyme disease. He also has another book which we will discuss in this episode called Centering The Mind

Christopher performs online group healing sessions three times a week on Monday at 9am, Thursday 5pm & Saturday at 11am

Everyone is welcome and the group sessions are donation based - if you can't give you will still get healing. Check it out, you have nothing to lose!

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This is episode 28 and I am honored to bring to you FLFE or focused life force energy. I will speak with Clayten Stedmann one of the creators of FLFE. I have a been a customer for about a year now and I constantly rave about the difference it has made in my life in all areas.

What is FLFE?
Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) is a technology that activates a high-consciousness field. It recreates the feeling and benefits of high-consciousness sacred places. You can enjoy it in your home and business every day, and with FLFE Everywhere you can take the high-consciousness field with you as you travel.

How does it work?
The FLFE System activates a high-consciousness field anywhere. -Much like what can be found in places of worship or in pilgrimage sites where the focus of the teachings are love. A high-consciousness field has positive energy and life benefits from it. The consciousness of a place can often be felt by a person, for instance, at an old battlefield or in a cathedral, mosque or synagogue. We can create a field ourselves with focus and a positive intention.

First, the FLFE System redirects and focuses life-force energy. Life-force energy (Also known as subtle energy, chi and prana) is a universal energy found throughout the universe. This positive energy is focused in a location within the FLFE System. This is similar to a person sitting down and moving into a focused meditative state in preparation for sending a prayer, reiki, or a positive intention.

Next, a unique identifier is introduced into the FLFE System, such as a legal address or coordinates for a property, a cellular phone number for a phone or a high-resolution photograph for an object. This is similar to a person holding in mind the person or place where they are sending a prayer, reiki treatment, or positive intention. We believe that the person with a positive intention and the FLFE System both activate a field at the person or location instantly anywhere in the world.

The FLFE System next uses FLFE Programs or instructions to specify the characteristics of the activated field, such as the level of consciousness of it and the positive intentions in it. The activated field becomes a high-consciousness field. This is similar to a person holding a positive intention, emotion, or prayer in mind, which affects the field they created at a place or person in the previous step.

This is Episode 27 of the Boundless Authenticity Podcast where we discuss everything related to the evolution of human consciousness and today's guest is David Whitehead, the creator of Cult of The Medics series of films. David is a martial artist, podcaster, freedom advocate and truth warrior. In this episode we talk about David's inspiration for creating Cult of The Medics, the club of rome, pharmakia, mask wearing, the ukraine, turning off the tv, reading and researching, duality of life and much more.

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Huge insight in to the history of propaganda and psyops.

A very informative movie about how humans are manipulated daily.

Coach Shawn Nixon and Mindfulness Instructor, Consciousness Researcher & Subconscious Reprogramming expert Jehan Sattaur have an honest discussion about current events, mind control, fake gurus, religious/spiritual hijacking and more.

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