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Don't trust any government. They only care about lining their pockets with money. Money they have stolen and continue to steal (in the form of tax) from us hard working everyday people.

Trying to force people to get poisoned and do things at your every whim. You better watch it or you may end up in hospital permanently.

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The elite will show themselves or the world will come to a halt.

If the global elite think we are just protesting and it will go away we won't stop. We won't stop until every single vial of vaccine is destroyed. And we will never be medical experiments again. We will not follow orders of mask wearing, lockdowns or getting the jab. Or any other order that prevents us from living life.
The vaccine is poison. We will not comply. It doesn't matter how many police and armed forces you try and scare us with. We will not comply. It doesn't matter how many fake ads you make labeling people conspiracy theorists. We will not comply. It doesn't matter how many media outlets you buy. We will not comply. It doesn't matter how many companies you try and bribe into submission. We will not comply. We will not comply with any government or authority's orders.
We will however force you to show yourselves. Until that happens you will get no more food, water or any other basic necessity. As for your precious fucking money. It will be worth nothing as it will not be accepted as a form of trade. It will be toilet paper. But you won't even be able to use it for that.

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Don't focus on police and military. They are a distraction. To keep your eyes off the real enemy. The global elite.


I don't know who they are. I don't know who does. But we must find out and hold them accountable. Bring them to justice.

They are not cures for the completely fabricated corona virus. They are a bio weapon designed to kill you.

This was reported 11 years ago. Yes you read that correctly. 11 years ago.


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