🤦‍♂️ Treasonous LIAR Pierre Poilievre speaking at a press conference today, said, “Maxime Bernier is just like Justin Trudeau,” and “If you vote for either of them, you'll end up with a Liberal government.” The liar also said, "Both of them said they admire China's dictatorship".

Boycott Groomer Target.
Target LGBT Groomers
Protect the children.

Trump is a deceiving Jew Puppet. The evidence is clear as day if you lose your ignorance and look into this fact. Trump is criminally conspiring with the enemy Jews. Both Parties are controlled by Jews. Trump's administration was full of enemy Jews just like Biden's admin. Trump's family are enemy Jews. His grandkids are Jews. I Wish America knew the truth and wasn't brainwashed by Jews that hijacked America.

Supremacist Jews hijacked America. Bidens administration is FULL of enemy JEWS.
NOW - Jew puppet Biden says U.S. government agencies will take over 100 "bold and unprecedented" actions to fight "hate" and antisemitism.

Your job is to watch and research this truth video song once a month until you finally realize it’s all true.

Victoria's mass-murdering communist psychopath looking for more corpses ... encouraging brainwashed Victorians to line up for No. 5. 🇦🇺 💉 🇦🇺 💉 🇦🇺 💉. 💉💉.
This is war. This is the nightmare Victoria and humanity faces and has to unite against.
Humanity has the right to hang them all for Nuremberg code crimes against humanity. Start recruiting.

Holocaust exposed.💨🔥The Fred Leuchter report which debunked the gas chambers was immediately discredited without question by the woke establishment. Now it has been confirmed by a German chemist Germar Rudolf.

60 wall samples taken testing for cyanide. [PPM = Parts per million]

• Delousing Chambers (Typhus Epidemic) measured at 5,000PPM
• Standard Kitchen measures at roughly 2PPM
• Gas chambers measured to find only 3PPM
The results are conclusive evidence of no use of gas in the supposed gas chambers.

Full Interview: Here

Phone call exposing Woody Allen as a lying pedo Jew. Jews are the biggest pedo scum on Flat Earth. Hollywood is run by criminal, lying pedo Jews. Too bad the HoloHoax was Jewish lies. They deserve a real one.

HoloHOAX Survivor spreading his Jewish HoloHOAX lies to kids in the indoctrination camps. The HoloHOAX is the biggest Jewish fraud, complete with the sacred never-changing 6 million number, ridiculous false atrocity fairytales of soap, lampshades and shrunken heads made of Jews, and gassing people to death with bug spray in delousing chambers.

Yes, the Germans put many treasonous, criminal, commie Jews (and non-Jews) in camps, but these camps were work camps, not "extermination" camps. There was no plan by Germany to "exterminate all the jews". Those who died in the camps died overwhelmingly from typhus and other diseases due to the breakdown in conditions and supplies and food inside Germany and Poland due to the war. These sanctions and shortages all contrived by the communist....infiltrators within the American, British, and French "allied forces."Nowhere near 6 million jews died in the camps. Records show only tens of thousands of jews (and non-jews) died in all of the German camps.

The Jews tried this swindle before WWII, alleging a "Holocaust" of "6 million jews" occured in 1906, 1919, and 1921.

The Holocaust lie is critical to the jewish NWO conspiracy as it acts to prevent criticism and opposition to elite jewry and their wicked agenda.

‼️ According to new VAERS data, a staggering 26.6 million Americans have been injured by the dangerous and ineffective, Jewish-made mRNA bioweapon injections, and women have taken the brunt of those injuries.


Criminal supremacist Jews who hijacked America say Whites are the biggest threat. The fact is Jews are the biggest threat and need to be expelled from every White land and crushed into the ground where they belong. Too bad the Holohoax never happened the way the Jews said. They deserve a real Holocaust to wipe them out.

Next CEO at Twitter, Linda Yaccarino is a WEF-controlled crazy leftist wackjob. She criminally plotted against humanity during the scamdemic psyop so you can bet she was placed as CEO to prepare for the next psyop. Yaccarino partnered with the criminal Jewish-controlled Biden administration in 2021 to create a coronavirus vaccine campaign. She also chaired the Future of Work task force for the criminal World Economic Forum plotting against us all.
This further proves Elon is the enemy controlled by the enemies of humanity. Fuck Twitter. Join Free Speech Gab.

America is being invaded and it's all by design. Supremacist Jews are to blame. Never forget or forgive. Prepare. War has been waged.

Watch this Black Orc attack a small White woman on a Train in Jew York City. God put Blacks in Africa for a reason to separate them from other races. Blacks are a destructive race as their actions confirm. Look at the BLM riots for 1 example of many. It was the Jewish slave owners who owned most of the slave ships who are to blame. Jews brought Blacks to America and are currently flooding them into every non-black land they can. Look at Sweden now. Blame the enemy supremacist JEWS who admit they are behind it. They tell us lies like "Diversity Is Our Strength" when the truth is toxic diversity is our destruction. My city has been turned into a 3rd world shit hole. Evil Jews waged war on humanity. They know that if they flood conflicting 3rd world scums into our lands they will be able to divide and conquer like they've been doing. They know blacks are easy for them to control due to low IQs so they use them as their weapons in many ways. Either unite an army and segregate from Blacks and expel the Jews to the sea or be conquered, enslaved, and destroyed. This is a Jewish war against humanity. Never forget that fact. Hitler was right about the Jewish problem, Jesus was right, Mel Gibson was right and I am right too.

9-11 was a Jewish lead false flag terror attack used to take away some rights, build a Jewish police state, and sucker Americans to fight in more wars based on Jew lies around Israel that enslave us trillions to Jew bankers forwarding their Jewish World Order dictatorship. Jewish fingerprints are all over 9-11 including the cover-up.
Watch 9-11 Missing Links.
9-11 Truth could free us all from the supremacist Jewish threat.

The video exposes how ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.
The video was on C-SPAN (1990).
Jews are the biggest terrorist on Earth

Russia destroyed ALL the uranium weapons Jew-controlled Europe sent to Jew-controlled Ukraine.
Russia needs to destroy Jewish dictator Zelskeyy now. Mel Gibson was right.
"F*****g Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," Mel Gibson said.

Don't ever forget how these enemies treated you. They are the enemies of the truth, our lives, liberties, and happiness, and need to be treated as such. Justice revenge needs to get them all. They all deserve the rope for their crimes against us all. Death to them all.

This Kenyan scum bag piece of worthless shit says he came to the country because he's wanted by authorities in his homeland, chased out by his whole village. Must be something serious, yet now freely moving around the streets of Ireland. White people better wake the hell up, unite, hang all the traitors and enemy Jews, and expel all the invaders. This is war. Act like it or be destroyed.

Video evidence Government arsonists starting wildfires to be blamed on the "climate change" scam. The criminal Government hijacked by JEWS has waged war on us all. The quicker you all realize this fact and constitutionally militia up with arms the better.

Busloads of invaders dropped off on Kamala Harris’ front yard in DC.

If I was President I'd expel the invaders and hang all traitors (Jews) who let them in.

Alleged Epstein victim details RAPE and NAMES abusers.

ps Jewish pedo kingpin Epstein didn't kill himself. The picture they showed us of the guy on the stretcher wasn't Epstein. The ears and nose are different. It was a double. That's why there's no video evidence cause he escaped. He's in hiding 100%. He has too much money and Jew-pedo mafia connections. He could have destroyed the Jew World Order with the name info list he has that was hidden by the Jews who hijacked America. The Judge was even a Jew. The whole system is rigged by Jews. Hitler was right. Too bad the Holohoax 6 million gassed Jews story was a Jewish lie. The evil Jews deserve a real one. Unite everyone against the evil spawns of satan.

Thomas Sewell - Isn't it interesting how afraid Jews are of the idea of being removed from our countries? Unite and remove the enemy Jew parasites.

What is coded in your DNA?
Who put it there?
Mankind is repressed.
We will be repressed no more.
Information is knowledge.
Knowledge is power.
Information is power.
How do you protect your DNA?
There is a war for your DNA.
Jewish patented mRNA jabs are soft weapons altering DNA
Protect your DNA.


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This truth channel is mainly dedicated to exposing the war that has been waged on us all by the supremacist, conspiring Jews.
It's time everyone wakes the hell up and faces the most important truth and deal with it head on or be destroyed by them.

These evil Jews realize that they have a better chance of holding power over us in our hijacked lands if they cause each European and Western country to become a battle ground between competing ethnic groups and religions = DIVIDE AND CONQUER.Look at what they did to Sweden and German as two great examples of them flooding those lands with millions of enemy Muslims and Africans to use them against us.These evil Jews✡ realize that their biggest threat and main opposition has always come historically through the strong European peoples. All through history it's been the European peoples who've expelled the Jews 109 times from many lands most due to their propensity to oppress the population of the host nation via usury banking and financial exploitation, subvert the morals of the the society, and gain excessive power in the government and areas of influence vastly disproportionate to their numbers as they continue to do today.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the head of Shas's Council of Torah Sages, declared that Gentiles exist solely to serve the Jews as slaves. According to the rabbi: "Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world -- only to serve the People of Israel." And these are just the statements Jews have made aloud. Just imagine how they talk when they know non-jews aren't listening. They are the enemies of every non-jew & their actions, words, writings in their holy books like the TALMUD proves it. Educate & unite everyone you can and lets remove them from our non-jewish lands forever.
Anti-Jewish Sentiment Makes For A Healthy Being
Anti-Jewish sentiments are a natural and healthy reflex amongst those peoples who wish to survive. Hence "anti-Semitism" is not only a necessary attitude, but laudatory, and if pursued heartily, capable of staving off annihilation, dissolution and moral decay, decadence and revolution
Expulsion of them will cleanse our Nations.
Should the patient celebrate the expulsion of a virus or a pathogen from his body? Indeed he would be considered insane not to. In the same way the non-Jew should celebrate the expulsion of the parasite of Jewry from his nation, his government and his community. Only then will some semblance of health return.
Many Jews use the attack word anti-semitism as a weapon to stifle a discussion with whoever dares to expose the truth & oppose them. They will also call you a nazi or white supremacist. Don't fall for their weak attack tricks. Keep hammering the enemies.

The Truth Will Prevail.

We Are Goyim. We Are Legion. Expect Us Enemy Jews.