Especially in America, the Jew is seen as "the chosen people" so facts about them are seen as " antisemitic"
Even considering the fact that according to the Christian bible, Jews are going to hell for not believing in Jesus.
Why would a Christian defend a Jew who isn't following the most fundamental requirement of being saved?

That and other facts are seen as anti-Semitism. I see those people as in un-Christian, inn that they know so little of their own religion, that they don't realise how both the Jew and themselves are not following the bible.

Details how the Jews are always behind third world immigration into the west.

Documents how the Jews control the economy, politics and the media.

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Animated sarcastic comedy, about everything the Jews are responsible for

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Ken O'Keefe, former military, exposes the Zionist agenda of a greater Israel, which seeks to start wars in several Asian countries and expand its borders.

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American ambassador to Russia. Benjamin Freedmans famous speech where he exposes the Jews as being behind the communist revolution and execution of the royal family, including children

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hear it straight from Jewish politicians mouths.

You still deny it?
You're an enemy and/or traitor of the white race.
No exceptions.
Ignorance is no excuse.

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Jews caught drawing swastikas and writing anti Semitic messages, which they intended to blame on whites.

Uploaded by request from a man on gab.

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Good documentary, which illustrates Jewish/Zionist control of the world, who have a strangle hold on politics, the media and the economy.

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ISIS are a Jewish creation.
They receive medical care in Israel.
Despite (supposedly) being an Islamic extremist organisation, they NEVER attack Israel, only Israel's enemies

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They don't want you knowing this truth. White guilt is instrumental in forcing multiculturalism on us, and if we criticize it the race card is used effectively, because of the social conditioning of white guilt.

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Scattered throughout the world, ancient civilizations speak of their white gods.

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as title says. King tut had a DNA test and was WHITE. Mostly North western European. Barely any Arab DNA 1% and no Afric

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Interesting documentary, Aswell as helping to disprove the out of Africa THEORY. Highlights how Neanderthals had bigger brains and a light hair colour and coloured eyes.
Speculates how white people could have gotten their unique features from having a higher percentage Neanderthal DNA, to any other race on earth.

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This is further proof that the out of Africa THEORY is wrong at best, at worst a complete lie.

If we came from Africa, then we should all have a genetic link. The fact that Africans don't have Neanderthal DNA proves that Africans didn't spread over earth, but a human with Neanderthal DNA did. (Non white )

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Africa has tribes like many other civilisations around the world, whose natives say their gods were WHITE (see thumbnail)
Some combination of blonde hair/ blue eyes or red hair green eyes is also very common.

Notice also, wherever a civilization emerges that reports having white gods, we also see the swastika or a similar equivalent. Hitler was a historian and knew the significance of the swastika in Caucasian history and this is why he chose this symbol for the third Reich.

Don't believe the lies that Hitler simply stole this from "other" ancient and foreign races.

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As the title says:
This was only ever a THEORY. Pushed by the Jewish media and liberals. It was never a face.

Now Russian scientists have disproved add completely debunked this lie.

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Genetic proof that king tut was NOT black. This was never factual, only a theory pushed by the liberal white hating media and self hating whites.

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So as it is with the Egyptians, other native Americans and certain Africans not to mention various other civilisations:
The gods of ancient Peru were WHITE. (Their own history says so)

Notice the hair and eye colour
Notice the European features.
*interesting*Notice the swastika on one of the pottery artifacts shown.

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Irrefutable imo proof that ancient Egyptians were not black. Although Egypt was multicultural, the ruling elite were white. Any evidence of Egyptians being African, was perpetuated by the liberal, multicultural Jewish ruin media

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A mixed race, Indian, Philippino etc race non white man praises the white races beauty, kindness and says it's the best race in the world and non whites should accept it.

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