written & performed by . . . . . . bradawl
U C album 2021 . . . . . . rites of the reignmen

Written & Performed by : bradawl

1... You're the only one, who brought to everyone , possibilities, to what was impossible. Pushing envelopes, in a bold search for truth, and a Lot, of what I Love about you.

2... What a history, your philosophies, your musicality, bringing ohms to the world, Electricity, must run thru your veins, your blood and soil, Thank You.

Parts 2 & 3 of the Trilogy - (((the Lore of Greed)))

Written by: B. V. Barnett

The song presents time in an abstract manner , and the result is a greater appreciation of how time and oneself are intrinsically linked , until death.

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1st movement of the Trilogy (((the Lore of Greed)))


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I have practiced 3 separate forms of art / craft throughout my Life:-

CALLIGRAPHY, GILDING and SONGWRITING [my instruments are Piano, Guitar and Vocals]

I think my music is of the best out there, and I hope this will be confirmed by many others.